Fricke av Froskeland
Fricke is a very lovely girl with a mind of her own. Just like her brother she is a real " Houdini " a master in escaping. She fortunately finds her way home and although escaping from the garden in the back she enters at the front door.


Fricke is a daughter to Wendy and Donar

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Gimli av Froskeland
Although Gimli is named after the dwarf in the Lord of the Rings she is anything but small. She is even a very large cat > 5kg. She has very good boning and an excellent fur with very warm colors.


She is a daughter of Aisha av Froskeland and Harald av litte kattestupet.

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Jarinina's Red Lady Viking

Vicky was never meant to be.
Unfortunatly we had a beautiful female who could not stay in the cattery , the same was for Vicky. So we decided to swap the girls. Thank you so much Ankie van Jarinina's to let us welcome this lovely girl into our Cattery

Vicky needed no testing as her parents were both tested negative:

PKDef: N/N

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Mette av Froskeland
NFO ns

Mette is a daughter of Hedi en Borre and sister to Marit
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Jarinina's Yora
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