The humans
Let me introduce ourself:


We are Dick and Maureen Smit


Our life together is characterised by having cats, our 4 legged friends are part of the family.


After one of our "house" cat passed away, leaving his friend behind in tears, we decided to look for a Norwegian Forest Cat. Allready some years before we did visit some Cat Shows. After a while our choice was made, we were fond of the "wegie" due to his appearance but moreover due to his very social character.


In the 90 it was not as easy as it is now te search for kittens, as the digitalised world was just developping. So we looked in every newspaper till we found some catteries with kittens.


We visited the cattery and could not made up our mind as we fell in love with two tomcats,  guess what! We came home with 2 boys.

We were very much surprised but moreover touched by their easy going and unconcernedness that we decided to bread with this lovely cats.


In 1996 we bought a female and applied for a Catteryname, and so we got started.

Our Catteryname is av Froskeland which translated from Norwegian means from the frog country as the Netherlands is named.