Fredi av Froskeland
Donar no more than a kitten had sired this boy. Wendy is his mother which beautiful coat he inheritted. Fredi is fond on walking and is able to find the smallest spot to break free. He has a good  "boning" and excellent shaped head with most expressive eyes. Meer foto's
Borre av Froskeland
Borre is a very lovely boy sired by our loving Bjork. He is a perfect copy of his mother and grandfather Leon with the same beautiful color and marking. In his childhood he was always looking for things to play and how to escape, he therefor was not eating very well! Cause of that Borre is smaller than his syblings but he most certainly will inherit his good genes with excellent Bjork bones.


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Jari av Froskeland
NFO ns 09

Jari is a very cuddly tomcat. He is Black Smoke with white son of Cassey and Harald he has the soft character of his mother.
Although he is fairly grown with excellent boning he still has to gain weight despite the fact he is almost 6kg.

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Leiff Odynson av Froskeland
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Niels av Froskeland
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