Our retired breeding cats, some of them have already passed the bridge

I heard your voice in the wind today
and I turned toe see your face
The warmth of the wind caressed me
as I stood silent in place

I felt your touch in the sun today
as its warmth filled the sky
I closed my eyes for your embrace
and my spirit soared high

I saw your eyes in the window pane
as I watched the falling rain
It seemed as each raindrop fell
it quietly said you name

I held you close in my heart today
it made me feel complete
You may have died ... but you are not gone
you will always be a part of me

As long as the sun shines
the wind blows...
the rain falls...
You will live on inside of me forever
for that is all my heart knows

For all those who left us....

Borre av Froskeland
Borre is a very lovely boy sired by our loving Bjork. He is a perfect copy of his mother and grandfather Leon with the same beautiful color and marking. In his childhood he was always looking for things to play and how to escape, he therefore was not eating very well! Cause of that Borre is smaller than his siblings but he most certainly inherits his good genes with excellent Bjork boning.

More pics of the litter: www.flickr.com

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Marit av Froskeland
NFO ns 09 22

Marit is daughter of van Hedi and Borre and sister to Mette

She doesn't need to be tested as both parents are N/N for Pkdef and GSD 4

PKDef: N/

HCM/PKD/CIN scan normal 25-09-2019

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Fricke av Froskeland
Fricke is a very lovely girl with a mind of her own. Just like her brother she is a real " Houdini " a master in escaping. She fortunately finds her way home and although escaping from the garden in the back she enters at the front door.

Fricke is a daughter to Wendy and Donar

She is the mother to our R and U litter, but she loves all babies

Fricke is Pkdef and GSD4 tested free

PKDef: N/N

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Mette av Froskeland
NFO ns

Mette is a daughter of Hedi en Borre and sister to Marit

She is very easy going and sweet tempered. She does have an excellent black smoke fur!

Mette doesn't need to be tested as both parents are N/N for Pkdef and GSD 4

PKDef: N/N

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Gimli av Froskeland
Although Gimli is named after the dwarf in the Lord of the Rings she is anything but small. She is even a very large cat > 6kg. She has very good boning and an excellent fur with very warm colors.

She is a daughter of Aisha av Froskeland and Harald av litte kattestupet.

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Jarinina's Yora

NFO ns 09 24 / ns 03

Yora is black silver spotted with white, due to her marking it is called harlequin black silver.

Yora is a daughter to Jenna and Borre both from our own cattery.
Because Borre will turn 9 this year and we didn't had any off spring from him we asked Ankie for a kitten out of this litter. Especially as this is a greatgrandchild to Odyn.

Yora is a very nice but also a bit naughty girl, who comes along quite easy with the other kittens her age.

Yora doesn't need to be tested as both parents are N/N for Pkdef and GSD 4

PKDef: N/

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Jari av Froskeland
NFO ns 09

Jari is a very cuddly tomcat. He is Black Smoke with white son of Cassey and Harald he has the soft character of his mother.
Although he is fairly grown with excellent boning he still has to gain weight despite the fact he is almost 6kg.

PKDef: N/N

Felv/Fiv negative 26-02-2018

HCM/PKD/CIN normaal 08-06-2018

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Jarinina's Imperial Blue
NFO gs 09

Bluey as we call her is a daughter to Jenna av Froskeland and sired by Demi van Leviathan's Lair of Laura.

As this was the last opportunity to preserve some of our old lines, including a new bloodline, the choice was made easy.
Shortly after her birth, even before it was known that it was a female we fell in love.

Bluey is Pkdef and GSD4 free

PKDef: N/N

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Jarinina's Red Lady Viking

Vicky was never meant to be.
Unfortunatly we had a beautiful female who could not stay in the cattery , the same was for Vicky. So we decided to swap the girls. Thank you so much Ankie to let us welcome this lovely girl into our Cattery

Vicky needed no testing as her parents were both tested negative:

PKDef: N/N

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Kayleigh av Froskeland

Kayleigh was our never expected surprise of Pernille and Harald, this was meant te be some years earlier.

She inherited the beautiful warm colour from both her parents, she is a rather large female with excellent boning

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Fredi av Froskeland
NFO ns 09 24

Donar no more than a kitten had sired this boy. Wendy is his mother which beautiful coat he inheritted. Fredi is fond on walking and is able to find the smallest spot to break free. He has a good "boning" and excellent shaped head with most expressive eyes.

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Quenny av Froskeland

You were my Sunshine my only Sunshine
You'd made me happy when skies were grey
You'll never know dear how much I'd loved you
and yet you were taken away

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Einar av Froskeland
NFO ds09 23

Einar is a beautiful Red Silver Tabby Boy with an amazing character. He is a son to Wendy av Froskeland and sired by Varg av Froskeland. He is having an excellent boning and a beautiful well balanced head.

He was tested as follows:

Fiv/Felv: Negative 21-10-2013

HCM/PKD: Normal
PKDef: N/N

HCM/PKD/CIN scan normal 01-11-2013

Unfortunately Einar has passed away in Februaryi 2018 way too young, as a consequence of Lymfonia cancer. Until now he leaves an empty spot behind.

Dear Boy, you'll be forever in our hearts

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Indy av Froskeland
NFO ns 09 23

Indy is a very beautiful Silver Tortie with white she has amazing beautiful shaped " Kajal" eyes.

Zij is a daughter to Daisy and Einar

My love did not survive a peritonitis caused by a perforation of the intestinal.

We will never forget you, we'll carry you forever in our hearts

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Hannah av Froskeland


Hannah is a very large cat she is a daughter of Varg and Deppj.

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Cassey av Froskeland
NFO as

Cassey is a child of Ute and Odyn of which she inherents the boning. She is Blue Smoke and has beautiful eyes like her mother.

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Ch Dansbjerg's Odyn
NFO as 22

Odyn came to us as a small boy who was directly adopted by Fallon, at that time he grew up like a brother to Odine and Olille. He is very sweet but "bossy" ,now he growed older he is much more relaxed. Odyn is having very heavy bones and a beautiful Blue Silver Tabby blotched fur. He inherits his heavy boning.

He even became father at the age of 14, to Odin jr

If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers

Who cares when someone's time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We're quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do

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Hedi av Froskeland
NFO ns

Hedi is a beautiful Black Smoke a daughter to Deppj av Froskeland and sired by Varg.

She is having a really easy going character. Despite het false start she became a reasonable large cat. Hedi is the mother to Mette and Marit who both stayed in the cattery.

Hedi was tested negative on Pkdef en GSD4

PKDef: N/N

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Asha av Froskeland
NFO f 22

Aisha is a black torty tabby blotched cat with an excellent boning which she inherits.

She is daughter to Queeny and Dansbjerg's Leon

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Daisy av Froskeland
NFO fs 09

Daisy is a beautiful tortie smoke girl, with nice silver undercoat and warm colored topfur.

Due to her white marking whe call her Berner Senner.

Daisy has excellent boning and is a child of Ute and Harald, she has a strong character.

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Deppj av Froskeland
Deppj is a sister to Daisy with slighty heavier bones. She is a very lovely cat and cuddley.

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Pernille av Froskeland
NFO n 22

Pernille is a very lovely girl and became unexpectedly at the age of 10 mother to a very beautiful daughter.

Even more unexpectedly, as she was hardly in heat, at the age of 13 she became mother to Odin jr, during the c section she has been neutered as well.


At the moment she is our oldest girl alive, she became 16 last month


Our long jouney together had come to an end

Till we'll meet again my love

Ch Queeny av Froskeland
NFO fs 22 09

Queeny is a big girl, with a strong bone structure and an excellent expression.

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Wendy av Froskeland
NFO fs 24


Wendy is a very beautiful girl with a silver tortie fur and beautiful " kajal" eyes.

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Ute av Froskeland
NFO a 24


Ute is a sweet Blue Silver Tabby and is a very big girl.

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Castor av Froskeland
NFO as 24

Castor is blue silvertabby spotted. He likes to cuddle and is a very big boy, even stronger boned than his father Odyn. He is a son of Ute who is also quite largely build

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GIC Fenris av Froskeland

NFO ns 24

Fenris is a beautiful tom cat who did win a lot of prices and nominations. He has an excellent Silver spotted fur and a beautiful well balanced head.

Fenris is a son to Kisser and Bjork.

He is the ancestor to all our Silver torties.

He was tested as follows:

Fiv/Felv: Negative march 2002 and 2005

HCM/PKD/CIN scan normal

Juni 2005

Juni 2007

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Ch Varg av Froskeland
NFO as 22

Varg is a blue Silver tabby blotched tom cat and almost a copy to his father Odyn. He is a son of Raisha and he inherited her amazing character.

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GIC Bjork av Froskeland

Bjork is a very cuddly big boy, he likes to sit on your shoulder preferable on the left side.

Bjork is a son to Eyra and Almer

Hij was tested as follow:

Fiv/Felv: Negative Juni 2005

HCM/PKD/CIN scan normal Juni 2005

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IC Kira av Froskeland
NFO d 09 23

Kira is a daughter to Edrikke and Atilla. She did inherit his length and her mother beautiful expressive eyes.

Fiv /Felv negative 2002

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Ch. Stor av Froskeland
NFO d 23

Stor is a red tabby tom cat, very beautiful in type. He has to `nibble` on everything.
He has an excellent shaped head with straight noseline and very good pronounced chin.

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Ch Raisha av Froskeland

Raisha is a rather large cat, although slim she is more tha 5 kg.She is a daughter to Olille and Pelle and did inherit his boning. Raisha has a thick beautiful Blue Tortie fur, a most amazing head with straight nose line and a very good pronounced chin.

Odine av Froskeland

Odine is a tortie( tortoisshell) without white she is a daughter to Fallon and Gandalf. She is very affectionate and addicted to hugs and cuddles, our visitors are always occupied with her.

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Olille av Froskeland
NFO f 09
Olille is a tortie with white , a sister to Odine, she is very photogenic, she comes out well on pictures, She even likes to pose for you

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GIC Gandalf av Froskeland
NFO 09 22

Gandalf is a beautiful Red Tabby with white, he is very loving and on shows he conquers the hearts of the judges by Climbing on their laps. He is a son to Edrikke and Leon.

He was tested as follows:

Fiv/Felv: Negative 2002 en 2007

HCM/PKD/CIN scan normal june 2007

EC Dansbjergs Leon
NFO n22

Leon is a really handsome tomcat, who did win various prices, he is one of our ancestors and one of the first imported cat from Scandinavie.
He has a very good quality Black Tabby Blotched fur with an very nice warm color. He has an excellent head good nose line and chin but most of all are his most expressive eyes( wildlook) he is a son to Rasmus and Edvina.

He was tested as follows:

Fiv/Felv: Negative 2000 en 2002

HCM/PKD/CIN scan normal june 2005

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GIC Dansbjerg's Kisser
NFO as 22

Kisser is a sweet cat, with a temperament to some other cats. She is big and has an excellent hick blue/silver tabby fur her kittens are always beauties. She passes her long nose line and good chin on to her kittens.

She was tested as follows:

Fiv/Felv: Negative 2000 en 2002

HCM/PKD/CIN scan normal june 2005

GIC Almer Svolvaer
NFO ns 09

Almer is a handsome Black Smoke Tomcat with a nice thick long fur.

Almer is Our first Tomcat with a very sweet, open and relaxed character.

He is the Father of Bjork.

IC Dansbjerg's Fallon

We took Fallon with us when she already was somewhat older. She is a very large cat, with a beautiful dense fur.

GIC Edrikke Svolvear
NFO f 09 22

Edrikke is a beautiful Black torbie blotched she has a lively character, she is one of our ancestors, her pretty Kajal eyes, can be seen by many descendents.