Retired breeding cats, some of them are deceased
Kayleigh av Froskeland

Kayleigh was our never expected surprise of Pernille and Harald, this was meant te be some years earlier.

She inherited the beautiful warm colour from both her parents, she is a rather large female with excellent boning

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Quenny av Froskeland
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Einar av Froskeland
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Indy av Froskeland
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Hannah av Froskeland


Hannah is a very large cat she is a daughter of Varg and Deppj.

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Cassey av Froskeland
NFO as

Cassey is a child of Ute and Odyn of which she inherents the boning. She is Blue Smoke and has beautiful eyes like her mother.

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Ch Dansbjerg's Odyn

Odyn came to us as a small boy who was directly adopted by Fallon, at that time he grew up like a brother to Odine and Olille. He is very sweet but "bossy" ,now he growed older he is much more relaxed. Odyn is having very heavy bones and a beautiful Blue Silver Tabby blotched fur. He inherits his heavy boning.

He even became father at the age of 14, to Odin jr

If they say
Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers

Who cares when someone's time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We're quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do

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Hedi av Froskeland
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Asha av Froskeland
NFO f 22

Aisha is a black torty tabby blotched cat with an excellent boning which she inherits.

She is daughter to Queeny and Dansbjerg's Leon

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Daisy av Froskeland
NFO fs 09

Daisy is a beautiful tortie smoke girl, with nice silver undercoat and warm colored topfur.

Due to her white marking whe call her Berner Senner.

Daisy has excellent boning and is a child of Ute and Harald, she has a strong character.

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Deppj av Froskeland
Deppj is a sister to Daisy with slighty heavier bones. She is a very lovely cat and cuddley.
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Pernille av Froskeland
NFO n 22 Pedigree

Pernille is a very lovely girl and became unexpectedly at the age of 10 mother to a very beautiful daughter.

Even more unexpectedly, as she was hardly in heat, at the age of 13 she became mother to Odin jr.
Ch Queeny av Froskeland


Queeny is a big girl, with a strong bone structure and an excellent expression.
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Wendy av Froskeland
NFO fs 24


Wendy is a very beautiful girl with a silver tortie fur and beautiful " kajal" eyes.
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Ute av Froskeland
NFO a 24


Ute is a sweet Blue Silver Tabby and is a very big girl.
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Castor av Froskeland
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GIC Fenris av Froskeland
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Ch Varg av Froskeland
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GIC Bjork av Froskeland
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IC Kira av Froskeland
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Ch. Stor av Froskeland
NFO d 23 Pedigree: NFO d 23 Stamboom: Stor is a red tabby tom cat, very beautiful in type. He has to `nibble` on everything Meer foto's
Ch Raisha av Froskeland
Odine av Froskeland
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Olille av Froskeland
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GIC Gandalf av Froskeland
NFO 09 22
Red Tabby / white
EC Dansbjergs Leon
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GIC Dansbjerg's Kisser
NFO as 22 Pedigree Kisser is a sweet cat, with some temperament to some other cats. She is big and has a thick blue/silver tabby coat. Her kittens are always beauties. She passes her long nose line and good chin on to her kittens
GIC Almer Svolvaer
NFO ns 09 Pedigree:
IC Dansbjerg's Fallon

GIC Edrikke Svolvear