Scarlet av Froskeland
NFO ds 09

Our dear Scarlet is the most charming Lady you can imagine.
In the beginning we were having difficulties to determine which one of the girls to keep.

Scarlet decided for us, we are very much in love with her.

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Jarinina's Imperial blue
NFO gs 09

Bluey as we call her is a daughter to Jenna av Froskeland and sired by Demi van Leviathan's Lair of Laura.

As this was the last opportunity to preserve some of our old lines, including a new bloodline, the choice was made easy.
Shortly after her birth, even before it was known that it was a female we fell in love.

Ankie we highly appreciated for giving us this opportunity.

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Thyra av Froskeland

What's there to say about our beautiful Thyra, daughter to Gimli av Froskeland and Oskar.

We were in love the moment I held you in my hand shortly after birth. You reminds us of Odine, our hostess, with that same kind expression and attitude and disarming look

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Vivicke av Froskeland
NFO gs 22

We welcome the beautiful daughter of Niels and Vicky into our cattery
She has the same Eyecatching as her father and did inherit his dark blue blotched pattern with silver underlining, she has the red patches from her mother.

Vivicke is Pkdef en GSD4 free

PKDef: N/N

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Wren av Froskeland
NFO fs 09 23

Wren is the beautiful daughter to Marit Sired by Tarantino, who lives with Jutta at the von Nebra cattery.
It was a dream come through, as it was our wish to breed a Silver Torbie again.

Wren is a very chatty and charming girl, who likes to frolick around like a dog.

Jutta we mostly appreciate, that you made this possible!

Wren is Pkdef en GSD4 free

PKDef: N/N

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